A native of New Orleans, Louisiana A.J. Catalano migrated to Los Angeles in 2001. Working in the engineering field for many years, his technical designs were requested to be used for National Robotics Competition June 2005 NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas. And his 3D model work had been on display in the Architectural Design Museum in Beverly Hills, California.

Recently A.J. has done costume lighting design for the Black Eyed Peas and movies like Tron, Muppets and commercial companies, Logitech, Verizon, Snapple, Halo, among others.

In October of 2010 some of his work was sent to the White House for a presidential event.

Creating since childhood, he presently uses his training in engineering and love of function and form to shape his artwork. Using a combination of found items with machined parts, his art comes together as slightly familiar but wholly different creations.
He is also a credited prop designer in movies and listed on IMDB.com.
He has also been an assistant instructor in the Architectural Department at long Beach City College.
_Under the tutelage of Paullette Tokar Whiteman MFA he learned the basics of the artworld. Under her guidance and direction he has gained focused information to bridge the gap between engineering and art.