A retrospective of hand made props.

oxygen mask concepts - (options #1 chosen for film) - original design and construction by A.J.



KVLN Corp. - Design and fabrication by others - lighting by AJ



Shoulder device - design by others - 3D model and build by AJ



Salesforce - corporate even lighted props - designed and constructed by AJ







Ariana Grande "Break Free" music video ray gun - original design by AJ

Phaser hero prop
- original design by AJ

Tricorder hero prop
- original design by AJ

Keypad Control Panel


Brain Computer Interface

Power Core 1

Power Core - redesign

Droid X

Time Travel Device


Andros amulet reproduction

Commlock hero prop


phaser 2010
Phaser re-design
(3D model)

tricorder 2010
Tricorder re-design
(3D model)

small scanner by A.J. Catalano
Small scanner

classic trek working monitor
Classic Trek working desktop monitor

DD Gun

2008 commlock prototype

"Science package" 2005 for national Robotics ROV competition at NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas




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