"Most artists live in the ethereal plane – they operate in a very diaphanous reality – filled with key lights and mirage-like horizons. A.J. is a master of this metaphysical realm, yet he is able to translate the Dali-esque images in his mind into physical realities. He not only has the vision, he has honed his craft acquiring multiple degrees to fill his tool box with all the expertise needed to manifest these dreams into reality. He is a sculptor, who sees the image with his third eye, and with his two hands, he confidently and dexterously pulls the vision forth from the material.

He is like a conductor, drawing the various powers of the Earth’s natural resources: fire, metal, water, wood – harnessing their essences like a modern day Zeus to create a symphony of light and substance.

To imagine and to wax poetic is one thing, but to use ones hands to actually build a physical representation of a thought – not merely a three dimensional object, but one that comes to life under his grasp…it’s inspiring.

A.J. is a potentate of engineering - has the skills to make inanimate objects pulse, revolve, and ignite. He deftly re-vitalizes old cast away scraps and blends them with entirely new species he creates by building innovative molds to pour his own metal edifices. Like a modern day Gipetto he breathes life into raw material, creating “a real live boy”. And his art touches that need to be real that is in all of us. Time and time again the trials and tribulations in life disconnect us from our own power source and we wander aimlessly looking for something…or someone that will re-charge our soul. AJ’s collections represent the resurrection of spirit, the light that is in all of us. It is a beauty to behold, and validation that hard work and persistence beget brilliance."
- Cory Comeaux-Soto

AJ Catalano -- Prop Maker from Diana Lundin on Vimeo.


Shine On Hollywood Magazine interview, issue August 2012 can be seen here:


Catalano is a third-generation New Orleans native who has lived in Los Angeles since 2000.

Working in the engineering field for many years, his technical designs were requested to be used for National Robotics Competition June 2005 – NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas. And his 3D model work had been on display in the Architectural Design Museum in Beverly Hills, California.
Currently in the entertainment field his work includes:

The Great Wall
Batman Vs Superman
Independence Day: Resurgence

The Tick


Tron: Legacy (2010)
Muppet Movie (2011)
The Avengers (2012)
The Amazing Spiderman (2012)
Battleship (2012)
GI Joe (2012)
Pacific Rim (2013)
Oblivion (2013)
Hidden (2013)

and many more

As well as working with Black Eyed Peas with lighted costuming for tour, commercials, Superbowl half-time show 2011, American Music Awards 2012, Rolling Stone Magazine 2009, Grammys 2009